Creating a Road Map for Dredging Projects

Our dredging road map will help you avoid aspects of dredging pojects that are typically overlooked. Our holistic approach will help you to avoid potholes and road closures while providing you with practical and safe shortcuts, and a reliable timeline for project success.

Who we are

dredgeSMART™ solves the most infamous problem in planning and engineering a dredging project – dredging know-how. In the past, you’ve had to either find an engineering firm with no practical dredging experience OR a dredging contractor with no engineering and permitting ability. These two scenarios lead to a disjointed, siloed project with little to no accountability.

What we do

The creators of dredgeSMART™ saw the frustration of clients and committed to the marketplace a program and process by which clients could save money and streamline a dredging project for the best possible results. dredgeSMART™ creators have both the engineering credentials and the dredging experience that enabled them to build a team to serve a national clientele for inland, freshwater projects ranging in size from a ¼ acre stormwater detention pond to a multi-thousand acre water storage reservoir.

Why choose us

This unique dredgeSMART™ team has the diversity necessary to approach dredging engineering from a very practical and professional vantage point while avoiding all the conflict of interest issues that arise from a contractor performing consulting and engineering services on the same project.

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